Self-adhesive keyboards on a thin fiberglass


 These products have all advantages of keyboards on foiled dielectrics: 

with a small thickness have a large range of operating temperatures and low (in comparison with keyboards on Conductive pastes) resistance conducting paths.

 With membrane-switch installation method, guarantees high resistance to vibration loads during product exploitation.

Keyboards have copper conductors and galvanic nickel plating of contact areas and lamellae, which ensures a longer service life than the keyboards on printed circuit boards, made by screen printing electrically conductive pastes.

  They are also easy to install on the body of the product, as well as ordinary keyboards on Conductive pastes so decorative front panels.

 Keyboards of this performance are the best option to the flexible membrane keypads on Conductive pastes in small batches.

 Another advantage of this structure, in contrast to flexible keyboards on Conductive pastes and film foiled dielectrics is the possibility of soldering of radio-elements, LEDs, conventional wire loops and surface mount connectors.

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