Forming keys variants


We do not impose any restrictions on the shape of keys. They can be: round, rectangular,

oval, semi-circular, in the form of pointers and other not complex geometrical shapes. The only

limitation is the size of the keys. The standard size of the contact zone is 12.5 mm. The minimum

distance between the centers of the keys 14 mm. (If necessary, possible to use smaller dimensions contact zones).

Keys image and an embossed front layer can have virtually any shape (on your wish).

On one key can be created multiple contact zones. This is necessary for a large-sized keys

(For example, "space", "enter", ...).

Embossing front layer.

Embossing front layer (forming keys) can be perfomed

 into four basic types:

1. The overall ascent (steady ascent in the key area of ​​the film);

2. perimeter (embossed "skirting" on the perimeter of the key);

3. "convex shape" (stamping of the spherical surface of the contact key area);

4. "convex shape" + "skirting" (embossing the sphere of the contact area and the additional outline embossing). Possible an embossing of simple logos.

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